Thursday, December 19, 2019

Starbucks Double Bacon Cheddar Egg Sandwich

"I'm not a big Breakfast Consumer, Breakfast Aficionado."

"My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich"

"All of a sudden the anticipation is through the roof"

"Don't Tease me like this Reviewbrah. Waht's the Snadwich?"

My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich is The Starbucks Double-Smoked Bacon Cheddar Egg Sandwich"

"That's right, it's from Starbucks. I have to give them Credit"

"There was a time when Starbucks. I was not a Fan of their food. I was always a Fan of thier Coffee"

"Always liked their Drinks"

"If you go back to 2015, I was saying that their Food was Awful! Their food was Terrible."

"The quality was deplorable. It was like, you know, something you would feed
to your Dog or something"

"But they've really Really Really Picked Up the Quality over the last few years"

"It's gotten a Lot Better"

"And now probably my favorite Breakfast Sandwich is one of theirs."

"Sometimes, I'll go and get a Coffee. Of the Iced variety. And sometimes I get a breakfast sandwich as well"

"And it even comes on a Croissant. Which is really nice too. And their it is. There's the Croissant."

"Has Egg. Bacon. And then the Cheddar Cheese. It's just a good breakfast sandwich"

"Here it is. Right here. See. Their it is. The Croissant it comes on"

"And there's the EGG"

"And there's the BACooon. Right there"

"It's just a Good Breakfast Sandwich though"

"I Like it. I consider it, a Complete Sandwich"

"It's the Double Bacon Egg & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich from Starbucks"

"GOin IN"


"I'll take one more Bite for you"

"Venti Iced Vanilla Latte is what I'm going with. It's the beverage accompaniment"

"Every single Ingredient on this sandwich in my opinion is Excellent"

"Lets start from the top"

"I've always like their Croissants"

I can eat one on its own. How light and Buttery it is. I just like it"

"I like the Croissant."

"The Egg itself? It's Perfectly cooked, in my opinion"

"I mean, it's flavorful, and it's Fluffy"

"The Cheddar Cheese too. It ties together"

"I Love the Bacon"

"It's Juicy. It Taste Good. It's there in every Bite"

"They give you a good amount. It's High Quality"

"I'm consistently Impressed. It's always good"

"It taste good. Everything blends together"

"And it's only 5 Bucks"

"Out of Ten"

"I'd give it an 8.8 out of 10"

"I just wanted to make a little bit of a review / talk about my Favorite Breakfast Sandwich"

"The Starbucks Double Bacon Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich"

"That's it. That's all I have for you"

"THank You for Watching, and do Take Care"

"I'm your Host"






"There It Is"

"The Starbucks Double Bacon Cheddar Egg Snadwich"



Sunday, December 1, 2019

McDonalds Bacon BBQ Burger Review

"Hello everyone! This is The Report of The Week, Food Review"

"You're gonna get 2 Reviews for 1"

"It's a Sad looking Burger

Presentation wise, it's not very good"

"There it is"

"Let's try to some Burger re-organization here"

"It is how it is. It might be good"

"That's what it looks like"

"I'm disappointed how it looks"

"We know what's on it. You know hat's on it"

"Here it is. The Bacon BBQ Burger, Goin In"

"Let me just say. You can't judge a book by its cover. because. It was a Sloppy Mess, but it taste very good"

"Yeah. I, I'm Impressed. I really Like It, I gotta say. Boy does it taste good!"

"It's delicious. The Beef itself is juicy. It's tender. It's your standard 1/4 pound Burger, which I like Though."

"That Barbecue Sauce is great. It's got that nice this nice sweet taste that I like. It's not tangy.  You get that crispy crunch which the onions provide

"And the Bacon too. It's greasy, crispy, all the flavor we like. It all blends together."

"I'm really Impressed. It looked like a mess at first, but it all blends together. I like it."

It just all blends together. I really like it."

"It's a little pricey, but you get your moneys worth."

"Yeah, out of 10, I've gotta give it an 8.6 out of 10. They did a good job."

"It's a little Messy. I don't like the looks of it, but you can't
Judge a Book by its Cover."

Again, the wisdom of Reviewbrah was spot-on, "You Can't Judge
a Book by its Cover," Reviewbrah said, and he was right.

In the end, after giving it the complete Reviewbrah Taste Test, Reviewbrah just Loved it, the McDonalds Bacon BBQ Burger was a Winner. Reviewbrah said it was delicious, "Very Tasty,"
and he gave it a very good 8.6 out of 10 and said McDonald's did a great job with it. 









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Starbucks Double Bacon Cheddar Egg Sandwich

"I'm not a big Breakfast Consumer, Breakfast Aficionado." "My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich&q...