Saturday, November 9, 2019

Reviewbrah Sick Now Recovering Well

Review Brah is Recovering at Home

"Thank God that he's OK"

THANK GOD That Reviewbrah is OK

And Recovering Well


"I'm taking care of myself"

"I know it could have been so much worse. It could have been Fatal if I had hit certain areas. . I'm just so glad that despite the pain, and all of that I'm grateful it wasn't worse.  
I'll be able to recover, and I'll be back at it soon enough."

"I want to most sincerely wanted to thank everyone of you for kind words and support. You're outpouring of kindness is incredible. I just wanted to thank you (Reviewbrah Fans)."

"I've got my water right here, in the infamous Blue Chalice"

Review Brah drinking water from his Blue Chalice"

"i'm able to get my Coffee intake. There it is, right there"

(So Happy that Reviewbrah Loves his COFFEE)

"And Vegetable intake. Right there with the V8"

"It's got a lot of Good Stuff in it"

Laughing as he holds up a can of V8 Juice to Camera

"And then of course, the absolute essentials to any Recovery, I've got my Chicken Biscuits from Chicke-fil-A. I'll show you, why not?"

"Right there, for verification purposes. It's not a Prop"

"It's a Real One"

"I'll even go ahead and take a little Bite for you. Why Not?"

Reviewbrah takes a Bite of his Chick-fil-A

Yes, Reviewbrah Eating and Reporting Once Again


So Happy to See this. That Reviewbrah is eating, doing what he does Best

And THANK GOD he was not hurt worse and he is Recovering Well

"The fall did not change my perception of Chicken & Biscuits. They're still a good little Breakfast Snack."

" And the good news is, though I bit my tongue. I did not knock-out any of my teeth. So that's good. You know I'm glad"

"I'm taking it easy. Giving my body a break"

I just wanted to make this video. Give everyone an update"

"I certainly learned my lesson. To be careful, to watch my step. Not to take Life for Granted. Things can happen so fast.

"I'll be around for much longer. Things are Great"

"Before you know it I'll be back again. With videos and Reports"

"Thanks Again, and Take Care"



And we're oh so HAPPY to see you are doing well. God Bless You dear Reviewbrah

Reviewbrah is Doing Well

He's Smiling, and laughing, and Happy to be Eatings some Chicken Biscuits

From #ChickFilA





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