Thursday, October 31, 2019

Why Reviewbrah wears SUITS Necktie




Review Brah

The first thing that inspried Review Bra

In 2009, Reviewbrah was visiting his Grandmother and he saw a whole bunch of Neckties, and he inquired to his grandmother about them, and she told him he could have them.

It was a huge collection of neckties (over 40 ties), but Review Brah said he had one problem, "I had all these ties, and I didn't even know how to tie a necktie."

Review Brah said he was so excited at having a huge collection of new clothing (the Neckties).

He began learning diligently how to tie a necktie. He watched different Youtube tutorials on how to tie a necktie. He said it was quite difficult. He said you watch the guys tying a not, and then to try to d

He started out with the basic 4 in Hand Knot, then moved on to the Windsor Knot, which he mostly uses now or a half-Windsor knot.

Once he learned how to tie a necktie he started to buy some clothes. Now it's time to amass s. He went on eBay and bought a Suit, he bought a vest. I went to Kohl's because they had some good sales. I bought a White Shirt

Today I wear a Suit & Tie everyday. Sometimes a wear a regular suit, sometimes I wear a Double Breasted Suit, sometimes I wear a vest, sometimes a Hat. Some people would hassle me, "I don't know why?" I don't care.

People ask me, why I dress the way I do.

Review Brah said that in 2014 he discovered a specific type of suit from the 1980s & 90s with wide lapels, and he really started liking double breasted suits. He buys suits for $20 $40 a piece on ebay, and he can get a suit a Goodwill for as little as a Dollar.

Review Brah says at this time he has about 40 suites, and a couple hundred Neckties. He likes to scour Thrift Stores looking for suits.


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