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Reviewbrah not First Review Food wearing a SUIT

The 1st PERSON to REVIEW FAST FOOD and post on Youtube

Wearing a SUIT



October 24, 2010

Before Reviewbrah

There was Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke

OCTOBER 24, 2010


Daniel is holding up a bag, that has a McRIB in it.

He says, "Look what I've got. It's a very Rare Item. It's the hottest thing out there. It's hotter than the latest iPad, the latest iPhone, the hottest concert tickets, Rolling Stones tickets, whatever?"

He then proceeds to pull a McDonalds McRib sandwich out of the bag, and says, "A Freaking McRib. I just found it."

He sits down to eat it. "Look at my McRib, I Love it." he blurts out. 

He looks at it and sighs, "Oooh, I haven't had one in such a long time. My first bite."

He takes a bite, and starts chewing, then cries out in ecstasy, "UuummmmMMMM" !!!!
"The McRib, I Love it!"

"Just as good as ever!"

This is Proof that Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke was the first to do a Youtube Food Review eating Fast Food (a McRib) while wearing a SUIT & TIE.

Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Reviews The McRIB





Yes, way back in 2010, Best Selling Cookbook Author did a video review of his beloved McRib sandwich. Daniel hadn't had a McRib for some 14 years, and he dearly missed them, and couldn't wait to sink his teeth into a McRib again. The first time Daniel had a McRib, he said was way back in 1986, when he was the Chef at the former Corrado Restaurant in Midtown New York. There was a McDonald's a couple blocks away from Corrado's on 57th Street and Daniel used to pop in there every now and then, just to relax and take a little break. It was about this time that the McRib was out on one of its limited edition runs. Daniel was in the McDonald's on 57th Street one day, and he ordered a McRib for his lunch. 

When Daniel bit into his McRib that day, it just blew his mind. Daniel was smitten, and kept going back almost everyday for a McRib Fix. He went everyday, until McDonald's pulled his beloved McRIb off the shelves once again.

Daniel loved those McRibs and thought of them all the time over the years. He ate his fair share of McRibs back in 86, but it would be a good number of years before he'd taste one once again. Yes my friends, it's a cruel cruel World, not being able to get a McRib Fix for years on end. So many years in fact, it was 24 years from Daniel's first McRib's in 1986, before he'd get the chance to eat them once again in the year 2010, a full 24 years without his beloved McRib, that Daniel just adored.

Well the year 2010 rolls around and Daniel hears that McDoanld's will be releasing the McRib once again, in New York and soon. Daniel was ecstatic to say the least. He'd been Jonesing for a McRIb for far too long, and his day was almost upon him. YEs, once again Daniel would be able to go to his local McDonald's, get a McRib or two, or 3, sit down and savor the McRib once again.

Daniel was working at an Italian Restaurant as a the restaurants Wine Director. There was a McDonald's just a half a block away, and the very day that the McRib came back, Daniel was one of the first on line to get one. Actually he got two. He took his two McRIbs, went back to the restaurant and asked one of his co-workers to shoot the video as he partook in the glorious moment, his first McRib in 24 torturous years.

So here's were some history was made, and Daniel had no idea what-so-ever. Daniel had on a Glen Plaid Suit, and was also wearing a white dress shirt and tie. He was in a white tablecloth fine dining restaurant, about to sink his teeth into a tasty McDonald's McRib Sandwich. Daniel did just that. He bit into the McRib and cried out glorious happiness, at the pure joy of eating that tasty McRib Sandwich. Daniel was a happy camper. He just loved it, and it made the man oh so happy. It was all quite moving, and history was just made.

So let's jump ahead a few years. This awesome someone, known as Review Brah starts doing fast food reviews, along with other related items, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Energy Drinks. And guess what, he's wearing suits and ties as he does his review. The Twiiter, Youtube, Social Media World goes nuts when they begin to discovering this guy who calls himself TheReportOfTheWeek, but people watching him, nick name him Review Brah, and the name sticks. Wow, no one has ever done this before, making fast food video reviews for Youtube, all dressed-up and wearing a Suit. Yes? No, there was another before #ReviewBrah.

It's believed that Review Brah ( #Reviewbrah ) aka TheReportOfTheWeek made his first Fast Food Review wearing a Suit & Tie was sometime in the year 2012, a full 2 years after cookbook author Daniel Bellino Zwicke did his awesome Suit-Wearing-Review of the McDonald's McRib at a Fine Dining Restaurant in New York City. Daniel was wearing a smart Glen Plaid Suit & Tie. Did a spark go off in John Jurasek's brain. Was this the point that John Jurasek (Review Brah) decided to do his Suit-Wearing Food Reviews? Who knows? Review Brah knows. Maybe yes, maybe not.

Anyway, we all Love the Review Brah, John Jurasek. The guy is absolutely awesome. We just love his style and his whole way of doing his thing, his Suit-Wearing Fast Food Reviews, and commentary on the food he eats, and the drinks he drinks. Review Brah is da Bomb, and to us, the # 1 Undisputed King of Fast Food Reviewing. No one can touch him. And though we're bringing up the point that Daniel Bellino "Z" as some people call him, was the 1st Person Ever to Wear a Suit doing a review of Fast Food (The McRib), we're not saying he's better than the Review Brah, "No." We love Review Brah (John Jurasek), we love what he does, and we know he's # 1 .. It's just that we wanted to bring up these fact that we found, and that's that Review Brah was not the 1st to put up a Fast Food Review on Youtube, wearing a Suit & Tie, it was Daniel Bellino Zwicke, "The 1st Person Ever to Wear a Suit & Tie - Doing a Fast-Food Food Review." Basta!




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